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Detox Retreats - Costa Rica

Practiced for centuries by cultures around the world, including the Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems, a detox retreat is about resting, cleansing and nourishing the body and mind. Today, doing a detox has become a bit of a fad with lots of products, programs, and advice out there. Of course that brings out the other side, usually doctors, the "experts", who say it's all nonsense. For example, WebMd says your organs are always cleansing themselves so there's no need to "do" a detox or a cleanse. We may draw a different conclusion, that because organs cleanse and need cleansing, we want to help and support this process. A detox is not something separate and different from the rest of our life. It's just a time we dedicate to intensifying the cleansing processes that are already going on with or without our conscious effort, to make that process a conscious intention, to restore the balance.

Toxins are in and around us everywhere, in our food, our homes, our air and water. A toxin is really anything our body doesn't want and is trying to eliminate. We continually create toxic substances in our bodies as products of metabolism. Stress, anxiety and negative emotions each create toxic free radicals as well. With the abundance of chemicals and pesticides in our foods and environment, and the increasing levels of stress in our society, our body can easily get overwhelmed with toxins. Eventually, toxic overload can lead to chronic illnesses or other health problems. At the very least it negatively affects our quality of life.

Do we need to do a detox?

No, most of us just go on and adapt to the limitations caused by aches and pains and other symptoms of an aging body. But a growing consensus feels as we do, that a little regular maintenance can go a long way to improve our quality of life and head off many more serious illnesses. as well as leaving us feeling lighter, clearer, and more energized.

Elements of a good cleansing program:

  1. Food that is cleansing to your system, simple, pure, easily digested and nutrient rich.

  2. Herbs and foods that especially support the liver and kidneys, helps them to clean out and to do their work of filtering toxins from the blood more effectively.

  3. Colon cleansing, pre- and pro-biotic foods, to promote elimination through the intestines and re-populate them with beneficial organisms.

  4. Movement such as yoga, qi gong, walking, dancing, etc., as well as saunas, massages, anything to increase circulation and activate all the channels of elimination, the skin, lymph, blood, kidneys, and lungs.

  5. Relaxing the body and mind in a supportive atmosphere and getting inspired about living a healthy life.

"The single greatest Force in the human body is it's constant drive to heal itself"


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