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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our center is in the Southern Pacific zone of Costa Rica, a three and a half hour drive from the airport near San Jose (SJO). We are 2 miles off the main road, halfway between the beach town of Dominical and the city of San Isidro, about a 30 minutes drive to each. The community we live in is called Caña Blanca.


How do get to your center?

A number of options are available; bus, private taxi, or rental car (4-wheel drive vehicle required). We will provide a shuttle from SJO or nearby for retreat guests the morning of the retreat. If you are getting here another way we can meet the bus or shuttle in Dominical or San Isidro. If you are driving be sure to rent a 4 wheel drive car. 


What’s the weather like?

The temperature from December to May at our location ranges from 68°- 86° F. Our center is in an ideal spot, with temperature mostly 75°- 80°, with a slight breeze and lots of shade.

The rainy season is tapering off in December and beginning again in mid April. While there is still an occasional shower, February and March are the hottest and driest summer months. The climate varies considerably due to the mountainous terrain - very hot at the beach and cool in the mountains. People around here say “if you don’t like the weather, drive 10 minutes.”


What should I bring?

Casual clothes for warm summer weather, a sweater for cooler mornings or evenings, sandals, flip flops, and good sneakers for walking and hiking. “Good” clothes or shoes will not be needed.  If you are planing your visit before January or after April, an umbrella or raincoat is recommended - otherwise you should be OK without it. Bring sunscreen, shampoo, and any toiletries you may need - these items often cost more here than in the US. CR electric is the same as US so you will not need an electric plug adapter. 


Will my phone work there?

Please download What’sApp to keep in touch while in Costa Rica. You will be able to call anywhere in the world where there is internet for free. Usually What’sApp is sufficient but your phone carrier may have an international plan or you can buy a sim card if you have an unlocked phone. If they are compatible you can buy an inexpensive sim card at the airport and pop it into your phone and have a working phone for your vacation. Many AT&T and T-Mobile phones will, Sprint and Verizon phones may not change sim cards. We also recommend checking with your carrier to see what they have to offer. 



Do I need local currency?

Almost everyone takes dollars but getting some currency (Costa Rican Colón) at the airport is a good idea if you are taking the bus or taxis. Taxi drivers will round up or never seem to have change so have some ones and fives handy. You will need colones if you are taking the bus.


How’s the internet?

The internet will be slower and sometimes may disappear completely but usually it’s OK. We suggest taking this opportunity to unplug from the virtual world and recommend having other things to do just in case.

Are there a lot of bugs?
We have non-toxic cedar oil spray if you need it, or you can bring your own. There are very few mosquitoes and some no-see-ums in the area. Ants are the biggest biters so keep your eyes peeled for them. We almost never use bug spray and leave the house open all day (until we turn the lights on at night). We do have loud cicadas from mid-January to mid- March. Bring bug spray if you are especially delicious!

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