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Three Cleansing Experts

The detoxifying cleanses at our weeklong retreat draw from many different sources. We particularly like the philosophies of three of the leading experts on cleansing whose ideas we have incorporated into our program: Bernard Jensen, Paul Pitchford and Brian Fife.

Dr. Bernard Jensen

Dr. Bernard Jensen was an early pioneer in alternative health, focusing on tissue cleansing, digestive health, and Iridology. He has published more than 50 books, which have been a standard resource for naturopaths, colon therapists, and holistic healers around the world.

He has been known as one of the foremost experts on colon cleansing for decades. We base much of our cleansing philosophy on the volumes of work that Dr. Jensen produced.

Visit Dr. Jensen’s website

Paul Pitchford

The founder of the movement known as “whole foods nutrition,” Paul Pitchford built a philosophy that incorporates both Eastern and Western therapies. He studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and nutrition with pre-Revolutionary masters, as well as Tai Chi and Zen meditation.

His philosophy of healing through whole foods is more than just what you eat. It also includes awareness and movement exercises, to bring the individual into alignment with the greater whole.

Visit Paul’s website at

Dr. Bruce Fife

Dr. Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., is president of the Coconut Research Center. He has been educating the public about the myriad health benefits of coconut water, dietary fats, and oils. His books (such as ‘Eat Fat, Look Thin’) offer a counterpoint to traditional medicine’s nutritional dogma that those of us in the healing world find accurate by experience.

View publications by Dr. Fife at


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