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Group Cleansing Retreats -The Mariposa Cleanse - Costa Rica

So many things have been written about the path to good health, often contradicting each other. We here at CRJR do not represent any one particular way. We love to stay up to date on the latest research in health and learn from different systems. We encourage our participants to try things out and observe what works for them. Our cleansing retreat is a reset, a time to clear out the past and renew your commitment to your physical and mental well being.

Some of you have asked “what exactly will we be doing at the retreat?”. Here is an example of a typical day’s schedule. Each day may be a little different and all activities are optional.

  • Begin early with herbal detox tea

  • QiGong and meditation

  • Wheat grass shot and morning walk

  • Morning smoothie (papaya, fresh coconut water, soaked almonds, sunseeds, flaxseeds)

  • Yoga

  • Fresh veggie juice

  • Free time – for massage, colonic, enema, sitting by the pool, swimming, a sauna, walking, or resting

  • Noon – Energy soup, fermented condiment, and probiotic drink

  • Education – health related educational talk, discussion, DVD, or presentation by guest healing professional

  • Mid-afternoon – Green Smoothie

  • Afternoon activity/class/free time – Zumba, Nia, restorative yoga, or other movement class, a sauna, a hike, etc

  • Happy hour – Kombucha or coconut water “cocktail”

  • Evening meal – warm miso/vegetable soup and a variety of salads

  • Evening activities – movies, game night, hot tub, and an herbal liver cleanse tea

  • We’ll be taking two beach trips during the week

  • We’ll also have one light eating, liquid fast day.

If you’ve never done a cleanse this is the perfect way to begin. You’ll be eating light but you won’t feel lacking, we offer something to eat every few hours and our goal is to make everything delicious as well as super healthy.

One guest was even overheard saying “this is a cleanse I could bring my husband to!”


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