Standing, being, feeling, breathing, nature.

Every day of our Mariposa Cleanse Retreat, the first thing after tea and simple qigong, we practice standing meditation. Standing meditation integrates the qigong practices of posture, relaxation and breathing. It is arguably the most important and most widely practiced form of qigong. For many it’s practice improves respiration, strength, focus, balance...

Only two weeks left before our return to Costa Rica! Ready to begin the jigsaw puzzle, how to make 4 suitcases each weigh 49 pounds and have everything we need for six months including supplies for all of you adventuresome health seekers joining us this March. 

Part of our preparation is a visit to our local herbalist, Kara, who has formulated our own special liver cleanse tea. We like to give the...

Yoga, A Sanskrit Word, Means “Union”

Yoga supports the detoxification process by increasing circulation, compressing and twisting internal organs, and encouraging relaxation. Muscular contraction will stimulate lymphatic flow. Inverted poses use gravity to drain the lymphatic system and stimulate the flow of new blood to the liver and kidneys. Twisting poses and forward bends promote good digestion...

Back in New York for the summer we're missing the refreshing Kombucha tea that we perfected in Costa Rica. We left our SCOBY there after sharing ‘daughters’ with several friends. We serve a Kombucha "cocktail" for fun and for it’s renowned cleansing health benefits each day of our detox retreats. It nourishes our minds and bodies both in pleasant and profound ways. We thought we could share a few...

The detoxifying cleanses at our weeklong retreat draw from many different sources. We particularly like the philosophies of three of the leading experts on cleansing whose ideas we have incorporated into our program: Bernard Jensen, Paul Pitchford and Brian Fife.

Dr. Bernard Jensen

Dr. Bernard Jensen was an early pioneer in alternative health, focusing on tissue cleansing, digestive health, and Irid...

In 1997, Dr. Isabelle Moser published How and When To Be Your Own Doctor in the public domain.

Dr. Moser believed that our modern lifestyles are contributing to an ongoing epidemic of toxemia, and that it is very important for everyone to take an active approach to their own health care.

Her theory of toxemia explains how our organs work to eliminate toxins from our bodies, and what their indiv...

Water Kefir

As a colon hydrotherapist the question always arises “What’s the best probiotic?” I've tried may of them hoping to find the ultimate supplement. Now I rarely take any – since I discovered water kefir. I love this stuff. It tastes a little like ginger ale crossed with champagne crossed with apple cider vinegar. It’s complex – instead of a few selected organisms it’s composed of at least...

Some of you have seen our amazing waterfall pictures on Facebook, but if you haven’t, take a look….maybe that’s one reason both places, Ithaca and Costa Rica, feel so good – negative ions!

Like a moth to a flame, we love to sit by waterfalls, rivers, the ocean. We can’t wait to get out of the crowded city, the stuffy building.

Some interesting facts:

Negative ions per cubic centimeter

  • By a waterf...

We’re keeping busy this summer taking care of all our “pets” – microbes.

Fermentation produces food with active, living cultures that provide beneficial bacteria for our digestive system and support the immune system. Our kitchen is brewing things in every corner, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut. We’ll be serving all these and more at the retreat, repopulating our bodies with friendly microbes.

Lots of...

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