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Probiotic Elixir

Water Kefir

As a colon hydrotherapist the question always arises “What’s the best probiotic?” I've tried may of them hoping to find the ultimate supplement. Now I rarely take any – since I discovered water kefir. I love this stuff. It tastes a little like ginger ale crossed with champagne crossed with apple cider vinegar. It’s complex – instead of a few selected organisms it’s composed of at least 25 different species of micronutrients, enzymes, beneficial bacteria and yeasts all working to restore the healthy balance of intestinal flora. Besides the obvious benefit of a healthy well functioning digestive system, other benefits include a stronger immune system (80% of your immune system is in your gut), reduction of inflammation, clearer skin, and healthier hair. It has a detoxifying effect on the liver and endocrine systems. Some say it cures autism, IBS, cancer, arthritis, candida, supports weight loss, etc., the list is endless.

The kefir “grains" keep growing. A few tablespoons now fill a mason jar. Help! They’re too precious to throw away. If you live near-by you should come adopt some. Don’t waste your money on expensive probiotics. Kefir is really cheap to make but amazingly powerful.

This is how I to make it:

Get some water kefir grains, a few tablespoons worth – these are different from milk kefir grains – mix 4T natural sugar with a quart of water, add a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt or a few mineral drops. Make sure the water doesn’t have chlorine, put it through the Brita or boil it a few minutes and be sure to cool it to room temp. You’ll need a jar a little bigger than a quart, mix it together and cover with a paper towel or cloth and rubber band. Put in a dark place for 48 hours. Then strain the grains out and put the mixture in a glass bottle with a tight cover. I use an old gin bottle. Add some slivers of ginger. Let it sit out for another 48 hours, then refrigerate.

Then start over. Don’t use metal – strainers, spoons, bowls.

You can find many variations on this in some of the following links, but this way works for me. The kefir likes minerals! That’s why it likes natural or brown sugar better than white. My kefir is very particular, it likes my spring water better than my pure filtered water. So I use to have to boil a pot of spring water to kill the bacteria and then cool it to keep the grains growing well. Lately I've found that I can add 5-10 concentrated mineral drops to my filtered water and my grains are just as happy. When I’m not using the grains I keep them refrigerated with sugar and molasses – they love molasses but I don’t so I don’t use it in the brew I drink.

Coconut Water Kefir

When we’re in Costa Rica we often make water kefir with fresh coconut water to give our retreat guests an even more powerful hit of nutrients, minerals, enzymes.

Here’s how – drain 2-3 large green coconuts, which contain about 1-2 cups of water each. Add the grains, no sugar needed, but only let it sit for 12 hours in the first ferment, then 12 hours in the tightly corked bottle(second ferment). Then refrigerate.

These drinks are powerful, start with a half glass a day and gradually increase, one cup a day should be enough, but some suggest more…

What about the sugar? Don't worry, the sugar is food for the culture, not you. It is transformed by the time you drink it.


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