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immerse yourself in nature

About Us

Listen to the call of the toucan and wake to the howler monkeys announcing the sunrise.

A short walk takes you to a secluded pavilion in the forest, perfect for yoga or meditation.

Sit by the waterfall or the beautiful cascades of the stream bordering the property

or take a hike to a larger river and cool off in one of the many swimming holes. 


Costa Rica Jungle Retreats is nestled in a beautiful valley halfway between the city of San Isidro del General and the beach community of Dominical. We offer a simple serene space for small group retreats, surrounded by lush jungle, rivers, nature trails and waterfalls. Here you can immerse yourself in the healing power of nature to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.


Click here to learn about our upcoming 2024 retreat season. 



Contact Us

Costa Rica Jungle Retreats


WhatsApp (Anytime of Year)  - +646 331-1705

506-8718-9155 (December – May in Costa Rica)

(646) 331-1705 (June - November in the US)

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