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Be Your Own Doctor...

In 1997, Dr. Isabelle Moser published How and When To Be Your Own Doctor in the public domain.

Dr. Moser believed that our modern lifestyles are contributing to an ongoing epidemic of toxemia, and that it is very important for everyone to take an active approach to their own health care.

Her theory of toxemia explains how our organs work to eliminate toxins from our bodies, and what their individual roles are. The book is full of real case studies from her many years of practice as a naturopath and written in an engaging way with practical advice for improving one's health

She writes:

"Most people overburden their organs of elimination by eating whatever they feel like eating whenever they feel like it. Or, they irresponsibly eat whatever is served to them by a mother, wife, institution or cook because doing so is easy or expected. Eating is a very habitual and unconscious activity; frequently we continue to eat as adults whatever our mother fed us as a child. I consider it unsurprising that when people develop the very same disease conditions as their parents, they wrongly assume the cause is genetic inheritance, when actually it was just because they were putting their feet under the same table as their parents.”

This book is a gift to us all.

Since it is in the public domain, you can read it for free here….


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