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Doing the Cleanse at Home - get motivated (part 1)

It's that time of the year again - time to restore the balance.

In a few days I'm going to do a cleanse. Even now, living in Costa Rica, without too many pressing commitments I can always find a reason to procrastinate, stay in my comfort zone and focus on a million other things besides my well being. Knowing I should do it just isn't enough.

There are positive and negative motivators. Simply put, do I want to feel good? Yes! Do I want to stop feeling bad? Yes! The good: energy, glowing countenance, clothes easy to button, hope. The bad: aches and pains, weakness, negative outlook, worry, scary symptoms, avoiding mirrors and scales, etc. I'm motivated. If you get motivated, act quickly before you change your mind. Tell someone you're doing it and go buy a lot of vegetables. Soak some sprouting seeds or do what I did, plant some wheat grass. When the wheat grass is ready the cleanse begins. No turning back.

Don't make it too complicated. There are thousands of websites with info on cleansing and detoxing, thousands of ways to do it. Really your body is already doing it, everyday. What you want to do is speed up, intensify and support the process already going on to your best ability. Make it doable and simple so you're not just adding more stress to your life, one more thing on your To Do list.

I was talking to my daughter the other night. Her friend was coming over but they weren't going out because her friend was doing a juice fast. Then she told me the forecast for Ithaca that night, one degree Fahrenheit. This is not sensible. In upstate NY in January I would suggest warm vegetable broth, miso soup, ginger and lemon tea, fermented salads, green smoothies (anytime!) steamed veggies, sprout salads. Keep your body warm don't let your metabolism slow down. Sauna, take a hot bath. Avoid extremes, ease into it, ease out of it. Clean your colon! Doing enemas or colonics will make a big difference in the results you get and how you feel during the process. More about enemas and your colon in my next posts as well as an update on my cleanse.

Now that I've told you all I'm doing it there's really no way out.


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