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Holistic Health Retreats Costa Rica

Everyone asks…

What kind of a retreat is it?

I’m happy to say that we are not advocates of any one system, not raw foods, Ann Wigmore, or any other program. We value the work of these systems and of other experts on this subject and are constantly learning and evolving our approach. One way is not right for everyone and we like to stay flexible. We’ve learned a lot over the years by working with people who are cleansing and by doing our own cleanses. This is a holistic retreat program revolving around three main areas: Mind, Body, Gut. All are connected. We will encourage you to relax, de-stress, let go, and perhaps gain a new perspective. We provide activities to get you moving, stretching, heating the blood and lymph, sweating, and getting stronger. Our program assists you in cleaning and rebuilding your colon which affects every part of your body physically as well as your mind and emotions. An intense week, to get you going on what is a much longer journey toward perfect health! How much you do in is one week is up to you, nothing is mandatory and there always something more to learn. We are learning from each other and we support each other.

What is the experience really like?

Two or three classes everyday to get you moving, not just sweating and grunting but mindful movement that balances your energy and is meditative, transformational, and fun. Qi Gong, yoga, Nia, Zumba, beginners welcome, no previous experience needed.

Cleaning your colon! The most important first step in a detox program. Everything we feed you is about colon cleansing or about rebuilding the colon with the gut flora you need.

Need a little guidance or inspiration? After lunch everyday we show powerful DVDs featuring renowned healers from Louise Hay to the Dalai Lama, with stimulating discussions on the latest mind/body health info. We’ll also have visits from local healers.

And don’t forget a little fun – beach trips, hiking, spotting toucans or monkeys, jumping into a clear mountain stream, nightly movies in the villa’s mini-theater or a game of chess on the giant chessboard.

Sore muscles? Get a massage on a veranda overlooking the jungle or spend time in the hot tub or in our brand new sauna!

Time with others, time alone. You’ll have both here; after all, it’s your retreat!


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