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The Mysterious Colon

The colonic cabin has closed it's doors for the season here in Upstate New York. Thirteen years, over 3000 colonics, and I am still unraveling the mysteries of the colon. Every year I make new discoveries, find new ways to connect and coax the colon to let go, to free it from the old and find a new healthy beginning. I still love to see the amazement of people when they see how much they've been carrying around. It happens here every day, over and over, letting go on many levels. The other thing I love is the surprise people have discovering how good it feels to have a clean colon.

The colon has a mysterious connection to the rest of the body/mind. Some scientists have begun to notice this and there has been a surprising number of new stories lately in the media. Not just the colon but the whole world of microbes that live within us that may be influencing our behavior, mood, and a multitude of health issues unrelated to digestion. Everyone should read Michael Pollen's article published last year in the New York Times. NPR also had a great article on the gut and the mind.

So, I encourage people to spill their guts and we try to figure out why things don't work like they should or like they used to. The colon can become rather high maintenance as we get older and it needs so many things in just the right balance. So many questions arise, so many possible answers. You may need fluid, fiber, fats, exercise, bulk, prebiotic, probiotic, enzymes, and more. And then there's mechanical issues, slow transit time, other organs in the way, scar tissue. Parasites?- the CDC says 60% of the population has them and they often don't show up on standard lab screenings. Then consider the mind/body connection and the effects of: emotional trauma, stress, anxiety, holding on, waiting too long. Or...the problem could be foods, gluten? dairy? sugar?

When people first come to do the cleanse there's often resistance about venturing into the realm of enemas or colonics. I keep reminding them, if you want to feel really good when you leave, make colon cleansing your number one priority! But don't believe me, talk to the folks who have been coming here for years and watch what they do....

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