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Doing the Cleanse at Home - stress free enemas (part 3)

Cleaning your colon- 5 tips to make enemas easy!

If you want powerful results from your cleanse it's essential to do something to clean your colon. There are lots of powders and pills out there, some better than others. But how about the most ancient, simple and basic method, the enema.

It's amazing how easily we put unknown formulas through our digestive system but are squeamish about pure warm water. As a colonic therapist, veteran of over 2500 colonics, I have had more conversations on this subject than most. People really get stressed about it, sometimes by the concept, sometimes the mechanics. Of course I feel colonics are the best way to clean your colon but if you're doing the cleanse at home that's not always an option. An enema can work very well and if it's not working for you maybe this can help...

1. Don't make it a big deal!

Put the water in, hold it, let the water out. Keep it simple. Don't get neurotic about it. It's your body, it's just water, that's all.

2. Prepare:

If you aren't prepared things may not go well, you may have a little problem, and then give up...That means first look at your equipment, notice how it's put together, how the clamp works, how to open the bag correctly, how everything is connected. Put some water in, make sure it's not leaking, play with the clip. Make a nice place to lie down, a yoga mat, a towel. Some like the bathtub, in case of leakage, but I find it's harder to get out of. Make sure your water is a good temperature. Bring a little extra hot and cold if you need to adjust the temperature. Have lubricant. Make sure you won't be disturbed.

3. Go slow.

Water flowing in too fast could be your problem. Put the water in slowly, stop and start as needed. Don't shock your colon, coax it gently, let the water in slowly. If you hang the bag too high, the the flow may be too fast. Most colons don't like that.

4. Do it twice, at least.

You may find at first you can't hold much. That's OK. Let it out and try again. It's probably the lower part of your colon emptying first. Now you may be able to let more water go further. It takes practice, you'll get better at it.

5. Don't check out, check in.

Turn off your phone, pay attention. Massage your abdomen gently. Try moving to all four different sides of your body. Stay relaxed, encourage your colon, talk to it. Don't worry about a right way to do it, if one position isn't comfortable try another. I've even heard of people sitting on the toilet. You probably won't get the water up as far that way, but it's better than not doing it at all. And remember it's easier to get up quickly from your side than from your back.


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