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Awesome and Easy Hot Pepper Sauce

An auspicious encounter this spring led to this beautiful harvest.

I wasn't planning on growing all these peppers this summer. Actually I thought my yard was too shady. Also it was getting late, mid June before we returned from Costa Rica and got the NY garden going. I was perusing the local nursery and paused by the peppers for a minute when a voice said "Do you grow peppers?" "I thought maybe I'd get one to put in a pot on the deck" I said to the friendly stranger. "I've got lots of peppers! Do you want some?" he said. "My place is down the road a mile and my wife said I had to get rid of them today!" Of course most people have pointed out to me that he could've been a serial killer but luckily he was just a guy who was really into peppers. All kinds, ones I've never heard of like the Carolina Reaper, others that looked like little flying saucers. He also gave me advice such as "peppers like sulfur" (which he also gave me). Basically he just wanted his babies to have a good home.

So peppers took over the deck this summer concluding with...

Todd's Awesome & Easy Hot Pepper sauce

This is how he made it:

Chop and Broil peppers, onions, garlic, and carrots in the oven for a few minutes.

Keep an eye on them because they can go fast.

Watch and stir, should be softened, can be slightly charred.

Add roasted vegetables to the blender with salt, pepper, and a generous splash of cider vinegar

Blend them all together until finely chopped. That's it, enjoy!

Peppers, garlic and onions, all help detoxify your body and boost your immune system. They increase metabolism, blood flow and warm you up on these cool fall days.


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