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Health Benefits of Seawater Bathing

Bathing in seawater provides iodine, amino acids, and mineral salts to your body that help to balance and harmonize your system. In the sea there are living microorganisms that secrete natural antibiotics, which are absorbed effortlessly by your skin. Bathing in seawater for 20-30 minutes per day results in healthier, stronger fingernails, higher iodine levels, and a healthier thyroid.

Did You Know?
  • 20-25 percent of females suffer from low thyroid function.

  • 70% of women with PMS have low thyroid levels.

  • The body stores iodine in the thyroid to create thyroid hormones.

  • Iodine is quickly assimilated by our bodies while swimming in the ocean, or bathing in seawater.

Costa Rica Jungle retreat is only a short hop from the Pacific Ocean. During our retreats we frequently take our guests down to the ocean for swimming, relaxing, and healing. Join us, for your health.

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