As winter engulfs the northern hemisphere we can't wait to get back to Costa Rica, to our winter retreat in the sun! Many ancient traditions valued the healing power of the sun. Like all powers, the sun can heal or harm.

We've become a little paranoid about the sun but modern science is beginning to discover how moderate amounts of sun help prevent heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, autoimmu...

The power is out again. It's not uncommon here in the jungle. We’ve adapted pretty well with our jugs of water, flashlights, candles, propane. But in these moments where we really feel the internet! It’s scary how distressed I can feel. Every few minutes it seems I have a thought that sends me to my computer to check something, Skype someone, inquire about something, plan something, work...

So many things have been written about the path to good health, often contradicting each other. We here at CRJR do not represent any one particular way. We love to stay up to date on the latest research in health and learn from different systems. We encourage our participants to try things out and observe what works for them.  Our cleansing retreat is a reset, a time to clear out the past and rene...

Everyone asks…

What kind of a retreat is it?

 I’m happy to say that we are not advocates of any one system, not raw foods, Ann Wigmore, or any other program. We value the work of these systems and of other experts on this subject and are constantly learning and evolving our approach. One way is not right for everyone and we like to stay flexible. We’ve learned a lot over the years by working with pe...

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