Working at a health retreat I find myself engaged in conversations about what to eat to be healthy. There's a lot of devotion out there to various systems; vegan, paleo, raw, and so on... In the midst of it I feel obligated to stand for my perspective that we're all different, and we may even be different today than we were yesterday or will be next week. With that in mind I wanted to share here t...

Back in New York for the summer we're missing the refreshing Kombucha tea that we perfected in Costa Rica. We left our SCOBY there after sharing ‘daughters’ with several friends. We serve a Kombucha "cocktail" for fun and for it’s renowned cleansing health benefits each day of our detox retreats. It nourishes our minds and bodies both in pleasant and profound ways. We thought we could share a few...

Water Kefir

As a colon hydrotherapist the question always arises “What’s the best probiotic?” I've tried may of them hoping to find the ultimate supplement. Now I rarely take any – since I discovered water kefir. I love this stuff. It tastes a little like ginger ale crossed with champagne crossed with apple cider vinegar. It’s complex – instead of a few selected organisms it’s composed of at least...

Did you know that bowel problems, in some form or another, trouble almost 70 million people in America? When your colon gets congested with stagnant waste, toxins get reabsorbed back into the system, polluting your inner environment. Called autointoxication, this may be a contributory factor to almost every disease. A build up of fecal matter along the colon walls poses a serious interruption in w...

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