Science has now officially proved it, walking in the woods is good for your health!

No water necessary, "forest bathing" cleanses, balances and heals by taking in the forest atmosphere. Just mindful walking, unhurried quiet exploring. Breathing in the fragrance of the forest. Opening your senses to the sights, sounds and scents that surround you. A popular activity in Japan, they have been conducti...

As winter engulfs the northern hemisphere we can't wait to get back to Costa Rica, to our winter retreat in the sun! Many ancient traditions valued the healing power of the sun. Like all powers, the sun can heal or harm.

We've become a little paranoid about the sun but modern science is beginning to discover how moderate amounts of sun help prevent heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, autoimmu...

The power is out again. It's not uncommon here in the jungle. We’ve adapted pretty well with our jugs of water, flashlights, candles, propane. But in these moments where we really feel the internet! It’s scary how distressed I can feel. Every few minutes it seems I have a thought that sends me to my computer to check something, Skype someone, inquire about something, plan something, work...

Bathing in seawater provides iodine, amino acids, and mineral salts to your body that help to balance and harmonize your system. In the sea there are living microorganisms that secrete natural antibiotics, which are absorbed effortlessly by your skin. Bathing in seawater for 20-30 minutes per day results in healthier, stronger fingernails, higher iodine levels, and a healthier thyroid.

Did You Know...

After this year's retreat, many of our guests didn't want to leave. A taste of Costa Rica made them hungry for more of this magical country and they wished they were staying longer. So this year we want to encourage all of you coming to do a retreat to come a little early and have a wellness vacation. We can help with ideas, recommendations, advice and transportation. Be a tourist for a few days b...

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