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Restore the Balance

10-day Cleansing Retreat - fasting & feasting your way to health


“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos —

the trees, the clouds, everything.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

The Fast

We begin with a fasting mimicking diet for the first 5 days - 


The incredible health benefits of fasting that 50+ studies confirm:

  • Autophagy-deep cellular cleansing and renewal

  • Weight loss, 

  • Longevity - add years to your life

  • Improvements in chronic disease including Diabetes, Parkinsons, M.S, Alzheimers, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Cancer

Destress! Here you can relax. You will find yourself surrounded by beauty, toucans, butterflies, flowers, the sound of the river.

  • take a hike to the waterfall,

  • sweat it out in the sauna,

  • go for a swim in our low chlorine pool or nearby swimming hole

  • enjoy a daily yoga or qigong class.


The Feast

The second half of the retreat we move into a low carb, higher protein, nutrient-dense diet,  full of fresh, local and clean ingredients. Designed to energize and strengthen, this part of the program includes plenty of rest and exercise to help round out your detoxification. 

In addition, we'll enjoy unique Costa Rican adventures including,

  • a beach trip

  • whale watching adventure

  • farm to table lunch and permaculture farm tour

  • river swim

  • visit to local farmers market


for an extra charge, Massage, Colonics, Horseback rides, and Micro-dosing are available.

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